Bee in my Garden Just now.

Believe it or not…

Beleive it or not but this is the first Buzzard I have ever photographed. A chance encounter today.

Redwing in my garden.

Starling Murmuration


Male Stonechat.

Male Stonechat

Another from today.


Kestral from my walk today.


Hoverfly in my garden earlier in the year.



Grab shot of a Sparowhawk in my garden just now, it doesn’t look like he got any of ‘my’ garden friends.

I have had no luck with the Starlings at Far Ings so I have booked a couple of nights in the near future near Ham Wall (near Bristol) hoping for better luck photographing their Starling Murmuration.

Out again this week

I will be out again this week chasing Starlings hopefully to get something like this one, again from a previous years encounter.


Still no luck

Still no luck with starling Murmurations, so this is one I got 3-4 years ago.


Starling Murmuration

I have been trying to photograph a Starling Murmuration at 2 different sites but with limited luck so far, the Starlings have been going straight in to roost rather than ‘sky dancing’


Another Welney Sunset


Dangers of flight

Not a very good photo but just shows the dangers of flight with pylons and cables everywhere, not so bad in daylight but could be deadly at dusk and in mist/fog.


Geese at Sunset

Geese at Sunset, taken today at Welney WWT.geeseatsunset

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