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Bee in my Garden Just now.


Hoverfly in my garden earlier in the year.



Grab shot of a Sparowhawk in my garden just now, it doesn’t look like he got any of ‘my’ garden friends.

I have had no luck with the Starlings at Far Ings so I have booked a couple of nights in the near future near Ham Wall (near Bristol) hoping for better luck photographing their Starling Murmuration.

For the first time

For the first time I have seen this morning baby Dunnocks in the garden and they were being fed by an adult.  I had seen an adult Dunnock around since winter so assume it was a female and she decided to stay and nest but I have only ever seen one adult at any one time.

To me this is definitely

To me this is definitely a Wildlife Wonder in my own garden 🙂  I bought a Hedgehog House and within days a Hedghog was making a nest inside it and is now living there :-)…

A Lot Of Pollen

From my garden…

I do love

I do love Goldfinches 🙂  One from my garden earlier today…

Goldfinch from…

Goldfinch from my garden, taken today…

Garden Goldfinch

This trip was not very far 🙂 a Goldfinch from my garden, I love these birds…


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