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Dangers of flight

Not a very good photo but just shows the dangers of flight with pylons and cables everywhere, not so bad in daylight but could be deadly at dusk and in mist/fog.


A Lot Of Pollen

From my garden…

Its taken time…

Its taken time but I have started to write my Yellowstone trip review HERE

Yellowstone gallery

Yellowstone gallery just gone live under the ‘Galleries’ tab above and HERE

Trip report will follow in a few days.

I have been to…

I have been to Yellowstone park recently and will put up a gallery and trip report in the near future. This is me and you can see the conditions we had on our last full day, it was A M A Z I N G…

I do love

I do love Goldfinches 🙂  One from my garden earlier today…

Replacement Lens Cap for Canon 500mm f4

Got a Canon 500mm f4 lens then you will have one of these, a  BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG lens cap like this…

I wanted something smaller and easier to get in a photo backpack, and now use one of these…

and this is the result…

I think most will agree that this is a much smaller and simpler solution than the official Canon Lens cap.  Where do I get one ?  Well the top of a 200 gram Gardman tub of Mealworms was my answer, and I could even feed the birds with the mealworms so it was a win win situation 🙂


Hi, hope you like my new web site where I will detail my travels on the Wildlife Wonders that I have been to, seen and photographed.

All images on this web site are low-res versions of hi-res originals.
Why this Web Site ?
I decided to do this web site to generally describe the wildlife photography trips that I have been on (click 'Trip Reports' button) in the hope that it may give someone else a little insight into what to expect before they actually go, or even help them decide if a particular destination is the best for them personally.
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