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I think

I think the following video, by 1Akbadass was taken this year (2011) at Silver Salmon Creek and shows the same family, mum and the 2 delinquents as I liked to call them (just for fun) because they were so playful and mischievous, that I photographed last year (see gallery).  So its good to know that all 3 survived the winter hibernation 🙂

Yellowstone gallery

Yellowstone gallery just gone live under the ‘Galleries’ tab above and HERE

Trip report will follow in a few days.

I have been to…

I have been to Yellowstone park recently and will put up a gallery and trip report in the near future. This is me and you can see the conditions we had on our last full day, it was A M A Z I N G…

New Review coming soon…

Review of Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Trousers 2 coming soon.

This is why you do not leave any gear in the ATV at Silver Salmon Creek in Alaska 🙂

Another one from my recent trip :-)

Another one from my recent trip 🙂

…I do feel quite privileged to have been so near to the Bears and photographing them during the salmon run, I do also feel so sorry for the salmon who are mainly eaten alive.

Alaska Bears Trip Report and Gallery

Alaska Bears Trip Report and gallery now gone live 🙂

Trip Report


I have been…

I have been away to Silver Salmon Creek, Alaska, photographing the Bears during the salmon run, I will be putting up a trip report in the next week or so, but just as a ‘taster’ here is a preview…
Bear - Silver Salmon Creek - Alaska

Another Trip Report…

I have added another Trip Report re Welney Wildfowl & Wetland Trust reserve, Norfolk.  I know this image isn’t from Welney, its another from my Bosque Del Apache trip…

New Gallery

Just a quick post to say I have added a gallery with assorted images from my Bosque Del Apache trips.

I also did a quick YOUTUBE slideshow video of the images as a test…

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