Starling Murmuration

November 18th, 2016

I have been trying to photograph a Starling Murmuration at 2 different sites but with limited luck so far, the Starlings have been going straight in to roost rather than ‘sky dancing’


Another Welney Sunset

November 11th, 2016


Dangers of flight

November 11th, 2016

Not a very good photo but just shows the dangers of flight with pylons and cables everywhere, not so bad in daylight but could be deadly at dusk and in mist/fog.


Geese at Sunset

November 10th, 2016

Geese at Sunset, taken today at Welney WWT.geeseatsunset

Fallow Deer

November 4th, 2016



November 4th, 2016

After a few years rest from posting on my site, I am trying to add more content bit by bit again.


For the first time

May 7th, 2012

For the first time I have seen this morning baby Dunnocks in the garden and they were being fed by an adult.  I had seen an adult Dunnock around since winter so assume it was a female and she decided to stay and nest but I have only ever seen one adult at any one time.

Just a

November 6th, 2011

Just a Mute Swan taking off at Welney using a slow shutter speed to blur the wings and water splash…

To me this is definitely

September 23rd, 2011

To me this is definitely a Wildlife Wonder in my own garden 🙂  I bought a Hedgehog House and within days a Hedghog was making a nest inside it and is now living there :-)…

I was passing nearby

August 28th, 2011

I was passing nearby so I stopped to have a look how the Great Crested Grebe family were doing, however they were nowhere in sight, they may have been further up/down stream or perhaps out practising flying as they should be big enough by now.  Here is one of the last photos of all 5 that I have, the youngsters do look very small compared with their size when I last saw them…

I did see both Mute Swan parents and all four cygnets, they also look like they could fly now.  I was really pleased to see the Great Crested Grebe pair that lost there first clutch of eggs (probably to a Mink) and then relaid, are bringing up one youngster.  I do not know if more hatched but at least they have something to show for their breeding season.  I was also quite surprised how big the youngster was, but I suppose its longer than I think since I last visited ?

I think

August 12th, 2011

I think the following video, by 1Akbadass was taken this year (2011) at Silver Salmon Creek and shows the same family, mum and the 2 delinquents as I liked to call them (just for fun) because they were so playful and mischievous, that I photographed last year (see gallery).  So its good to know that all 3 survived the winter hibernation 🙂

Update on the

August 1st, 2011

Update on the GCG family, all 3 youngsters and both adults are doing fine but still keeping in the middle which is too far for photography.  The youngsters are getting quite big now 🙂

The other pair of GCG which I believe lost their first lot of eggs to what I believe was probably a Mink, have another nest with 3 eggs in it (from what I could see).  I am glad they are attempting to breed again but the female seemed very nervous when I wandered along the bank even though I didn’t get that near to her, so I will refrain from trying to photograph them as I think wildlife has a hard enough time as it is without me making things worse.

I also saw both Swan parents and all 4 Cygnets, so that also seems to heading for a happy ending.

Here is a piccy of one of the adults from a few weeks ago…

I went to see

July 20th, 2011

I went to see ‘my’ GCG family yesterday to see how they were getting on.  Both parents and all 3 chicks were in their usual place and too far away to photograph again, but all 3 chicks have grown and look very well looked after.  I would be surprised if all three chicks didn’t reach adult hood now 🙂  When I was there the Swan family came past (have I mentioned them before ?) with all 4 surviving cygnets getting very big 🙂  A fifth cygnet was lost very early on but I have no knowledge of why or how, but 4 cygnets is still quite good.

I had to go

July 6th, 2011

I had to go and have another look at the GCG family just to see if all was OK.  I found both parents in the normal place and again too far away to photograph, however I could only see 2 chicks.  Then the parents with chicks aboard mum, started going downstream towards town ?  I followed them for 3-4 hundred yards but they didn’t seem to want to stop and I wondered if this was the last time I would be able to find them, so  I wished them well ‘just in case’,  I also realised there were all THREE chicks aboard mum 🙂  so I went on my way to another place I wanted to visit feeling fairly confident as to their future.

I decided I would go back home via the GCG nest site and to my surprise both parents and all three chicks had made it back, but again too far away to photograph.  I think it may be at least a week (probably longer) before the chicks are big and brave enough to come close enough to photograph again.

I went to see

July 5th, 2011

I went to see the GCG family early this morning, however I didn’t take any photographs because there was so much weed that has come downstream  (I assume the weed is being cut for maintenance) that the Grebes had only a small area free to use and that was too far away for photographing them.  I also only saw what I assume was the female with 2 chicks on her back, I do not know where the male was or the other chick, hopefully there were around together nearby.  The chicks have grown quite a lot since I last saw them and I doubt whether mum could now get all three on her back, which is why I think the other one may be with dad somewhere nearby.

I certainly hope I do photograph the GCG family again, but realistically I am unsure if I will ever be able to get near enough to them with all that weed around, so here is the very last photo I have taken of them sofar…