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Review of Stealth Gears Extreme Rural Photographers Jacket
(See also review of Stealth Gear Extreme Trousers 2 HERE)

Just a quick paragraph or two about the jacket as I have used it a couple of times now, this will be replaced sometime in the future after I have had more use to report on.

Firstly the Jacket is heavy, but I have found it very useful so far although there are one or two things that I would change if it were up to me. The jacket has quite a few pockets and some are big enough to hold a DSLR camera and even a 100-400 lens, along with a LOT of other stuff, so its very functional in that respect. It looks good, its comfortable and seems waterproof and it really keeps me warm, it will however probably be too warm in summer although I have not tried it yet with the sleeves removed which may make it more comfortable to use in summer conditions. The padded shoulders spread the weight of my backpack straps and I am sure I could carry more weight for longer wearing this jacket than any other that I have used. So I am liking the jacket very much and will put up a more detailed review at some time.

The things I would change are…

1. The jacket has 2 large pockets that ‘unzip’ to make even larger pockets, however the zips starts at the front of the pocket and you unzip to the back, I find it VERY awkward to re engage the zip at the back of the pocket and zip it back up without taking the jacket off, this is because you are working almost blind, if the zip started at the back and finished at the front then re engaging the zip would be MUCH easier. The back pocket/seat is also almost impossible to zip back up without taking the jacket off but I don’t see how that can be improved.

2. There are 2 pockets to put your hands in just below the armpits, these are a little too high and although I do use them, they would be more useful a little lower which would make them more comfortable.

Even with the 2 ‘annoyances’ above I do not regret buying the jacket at all and think it will get a lot of use especially as it comes with a five year warranty – how many clothes come with that 🙂

I have now come to the conclusion that this jacket is just too heavy for me to use very often.  The Stealth Gear Trousers (reviewed  elsewhere on this site) are however the best trousers for photography that I have ever had, they are too warm for summer (yes even in the UK) but great the rest of the year.

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