Stealth Gear Trousers 2

Review of the Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Trousers 2.

Firstly, do I like them – yes, would I buy another pair – yes but only in 5 years time as that is how long the guarantee is – Stealth Gear obviously have great faith in them.

These trousers are designed by photographers for photographers and it shows. They look good and they are comfortable and warm, probably too warm for the summer if walking any distance, they do have 2 zip vents (one each side) to increase the ventilation but how effective they are I don’t know, but after using the trousers for more time and in different circumstances I will report back on them. There are also 2 internal ankle gaiters that zip in and out which will also give more ventilation when out, when zipped in they will give extra warmth and help to keep your legs/ankles dry. However when they are fitted you do have to be careful when you put the trousers on and off otherwise they might get damaged by getting caught with your foot.

I ‘really really’ like the knee pads which make kneeling down on a hard surface reasonably comfortable, the pads can be removed if needed. There are plenty of pockets and I also use them without a belt or braces as the velcro fastening works very well.

I will report back after a longer trial to comment on the venting effectiveness and also how well they cope with mud/water etc and how easy they are to keep clean, but for now I am so pleased with them that I am purchasing the Stealth Gear Jacket/Vest also.

Stealth Gear

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