On this page I will list computer software that I find useful for my wildlife photography…

IPHONE APP LIGHTTRAC (indispensable)

Only £2.99

Shows Sun (and Moon) rise and set positions on satellite images or maps for any position in the world, also shows sun.moon position and elevation for current time and you can alter the time to see when the sun will be in a particular position.  The date can also be changed so you can plan forward to see where the sun will be.  So handy being on your phone and therefore always with you and I use it all the time and would be lost without it.  Its similar to The PHOTOGRAPHER’S EPHEMERIS below but as its always with you its even more useful and can be found HERE.







IPHONE APP LIGHT METER (reasonably useful)

A FREE app to show light levels.  I do not use the indicated light levels to actually set my camera, but what I do do is use this as an indication of if the light level has increased or decreased, I can then adjust my exposure as I feel necessary.  Its nice to always have something to show light levels on you at all times, although I could easily live without this one, but it comes in use now and again.


GOOGLE EARTH (indispensable)

I always look at the satellite maps for my destination on Google Earth before I go anywhere new, it gives me a really useful insight into the layout around and about the place I am going to visit.



This software overlays sunrise/sunset  positions for any location and any day, you can then adjust a slider to show where the sun will be at any time of the day, also works for the moon.  This software will allow you to choose the best date/time for the image that you want to get.

The Photographers Ephemeris

Also available as an IPHONE app (but also see LightTrac above).


Calculate the depth of field Online, Windows,  Iphone and PalmOS


Links on page for Iphone, PalmOS and Windows, also to Hyperfocal chart

PICASA (useful for viewing)

Free photo editing software, however the editing is a little limited, but it is really useful to quickly scan through your digital photographs.


IRFANVIEW (useful)

Photo viewer that is free for personal use


(useful if you have not got a photo editor)

Image manipulation software that is free for personal use.

The Gimp

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