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Its taken time…

Its taken time but I have started to write my Yellowstone trip review HERE

Yellowstone gallery

Yellowstone gallery just gone live under the ‘Galleries’ tab above and HERE

Trip report will follow in a few days.

I have been to…

I have been to Yellowstone park recently and will put up a gallery and trip report in the near future. This is me and you can see the conditions we had on our last full day, it was A M A Z I N G…

Cold weather…

This winter I am going to photograph in very cold conditions, possibly down to minus 20 degrees C (hope its not that cold though) and I have been thinking of how to keep my camera batteries warm because they do not last very long in severe cold weather, I have come up with a plan which I hope will be a viable solution …YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, DON’T BLAME ME IF IT DOESN’T WORK AS PLANNED… I have a Canon 7D with batterygrip that I am going to try this out with, I plan to put just 1 battery in the grip and put a small chemical HANDWARMER in the place where the other battery should go and hope this keeps my battery warm enough to keep going when it would normally have stopped working because of the cold.

After I have tried this I will report back and say how it went, but don’t forget… …YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, DON’T BLAME ME IF IT DOESN’T WORK AS PLANNED…

UPDATE: This doesn’t seem to work, not with the handwarmers I have anyway, I think this may be because my handwarmers apparently need a bit of air flow (oxygen) to get/keep warm and there isn’t enough air flow within the batterygrip battery enclosure.

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