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I went to see

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

I went to see the GCG family early this morning, however I didn’t take any photographs because there was so much weed that has come downstream  (I assume the weed is being cut for maintenance) that the Grebes had only a small area free to use and that was too far away for photographing them.  I also only saw what I assume was the female with 2 chicks on her back, I do not know where the male was or the other chick, hopefully there were around together nearby.  The chicks have grown quite a lot since I last saw them and I doubt whether mum could now get all three on her back, which is why I think the other one may be with dad somewhere nearby.

I certainly hope I do photograph the GCG family again, but realistically I am unsure if I will ever be able to get near enough to them with all that weed around, so here is the very last photo I have taken of them sofar…

Will one of you

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Will one of you transfer to the Port side otherwise we might keel over 🙂

I went to see the GCG family this morning, all of them were off the nest but I could still see only 3 chicks and there did not seem to be an egg still in the nest.  I initially thought that the adult may have decided the egg was infertile and took the other chicks off for a ride and perhaps a Gull might have had the egg ?  After a while I looked at the nearby Coots nest, no sitting Coot and no chicks, my suspicions were now aroused.  I then had a look for the pair of GCG further upstream and their nest.  Both adults were off the nest fishing, no chicks and I could not see any eggs in the nest, now I was really suspicious, although Paul has told me since that GCG sometimes cover their eggs up when they leave the nest for a stretch etc.

A little while later, back at the GCG with the 3 chicks, I saw from a distance ‘something’ swim into the reeds near to where the Coots nest was.  This ‘something’ was not a Water Vole or Rat, it was much bigger than those two and seemed to have its head above water and its body below.  Then the Coot and Moorhens were obviously distressed and took 4-5 minutes to calm down, but I didn’t see ‘anything’ swim away so do not know what it was, but I immediately thought ‘Mink’ which would explain everything, but I am only having a slightly educated guess.  Again Paul has told me since that there were Mink seen at this place a couple of years ago, so I think this may be the most likely scenario, however it certainly isn’t proved without further evidence.  Perhaps ‘our’ GCG family are lucky that 3 chicks hatched before today ???

A second picture for today, I really feel sorry for the little fishes…

Nothing much…

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Nothing much happening at the moment so I thought I would just post a Dabchick from my local river…