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Another Welney Sunset


Just a

Just a Mute Swan taking off at Welney using a slow shutter speed to blur the wings and water splash…

Update on the

Update on the GCG family, all 3 youngsters and both adults are doing fine but still keeping in the middle which is too far for photography.  The youngsters are getting quite big now 🙂

The other pair of GCG which I believe lost their first lot of eggs to what I believe was probably a Mink, have another nest with 3 eggs in it (from what I could see).  I am glad they are attempting to breed again but the female seemed very nervous when I wandered along the bank even though I didn’t get that near to her, so I will refrain from trying to photograph them as I think wildlife has a hard enough time as it is without me making things worse.

I also saw both Swan parents and all 4 Cygnets, so that also seems to heading for a happy ending.

Here is a piccy of one of the adults from a few weeks ago…

I went to see

I went to see ‘my’ GCG family yesterday to see how they were getting on.  Both parents and all 3 chicks were in their usual place and too far away to photograph again, but all 3 chicks have grown and look very well looked after.  I would be surprised if all three chicks didn’t reach adult hood now 🙂  When I was there the Swan family came past (have I mentioned them before ?) with all 4 surviving cygnets getting very big 🙂  A fifth cygnet was lost very early on but I have no knowledge of why or how, but 4 cygnets is still quite good.

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